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The 12 Days of Christas in OK

​(Sterling, 2012)

Illustrated by Victoria Hutto

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma

This fictionalized account of two cousins shares facts about the state of Oklahoma to the tune of this well-known carol.


Raves and Reviews:

* 2013 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist


Oh, Nuts!

Oh, Nuts!

Three chipmunks with attitude feel like they're just not getting the attention they deserve at the zoo, so they go to great lengths to compete with the elephants, tigers, and zebras.


Raves and Reviews:

" over the top sense of humor prevails."—Publishers Weekly

"The zany, off-the-wall look of modern Disney movies will reel in the kids, so they won't even notice the sweet message about self-acceptance."—Booklist

"The silly chubby-cheeked critters are textually and visually full of character."—Horn Book Guide Reviews

* 2013 Book Choice for Read Across Oklahoma

* Featured Selection of the Children's Book-of-the-Month


​(Bloomsbury, 2012)

Illustrated by Dan Krall

Princess inTraining

Princess in Training

Viola Louise Hassenfeffer is a princess who is anything but prim and proper--she karate chops, dives into the moat, and skateboards up and down the drawbridge. Princess Academy is a total bust--until a surprise dragon arrives and only Viola can save the day.


Raves and Reviews:

"Princess power saves the day in this humorous antidote to pretty in pink ."—Kirkus Reviews

"Viola flunks Propriety 101, but gets an A+ in Saving the Day."—Publishers Weekly

* 2013 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist
* 2013 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award Finalist
* 2014 Winner of the Creative Women of Oklahoma Award for Children's Books
* Foreign Rights:  Hebrew


​(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012)

Illustrated by Joe Berger

Bawk & Roll

Bawk & Roll

Marge and Lola hit the road with Elvis Poultry and soon discover the tour gives them stage fright. They try all sorts of things to cure it, but nothing works. Can Marge and Lola prove that chickens bawk and roll?


Raves and Reviews:

"This flock rocks."—Kirkus Reviews

"...punny, rocking romp."—Publishers Weekly

"Get ready to rock with another tongue-in-beak tale from Sauer and Santat."—School Library Journal

* Accepted into the 2012 Original Art Show in New York
* 2013 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist
* Foreign Rights:  Chinese


​(Sterling, 2012)

Illustrated by Dan Santat

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