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​(Paula Wiseman Books/S&S)

Illustrated by Fernando Martin

All Kinds Of Special

Mia and her mama used to live in an apartment that was part of a big building with lots of other people. Now, they’ve moved to a house that has eleven windows, a yard, and a mango tree. Mia misses her old home, but the special mango tree captures her curiosity and sets her on a sweet voyage of discovery. As more and more mangos appear on the tree, bringing the neighborhood together, Mia sees how treasuring and sharing the good that comes into your life can lead to new connections and community.

Raves and Reviews:


""The light and optimistic story and the vibrant artwork complement each other smoothly. The book will have readers considering what it means to forge new connections. A sweet and refreshing reminder that community is all around us."

— Kirkus

"A satisfying picture book that reads aloud well." — Booklist


The Underpants

The Underpants is a hilarious and irreverent homage to Jan Brett's The Mitten, in which Kitty discovers a "coat" in a farmer's fresh laundry pile, and Dog, Pig, Rooster, Cow, and Bird all want in. 

​(Scholastic Press)

Illustrated by Joren Cull 

Raves and Reviews:


"This much sillier variation [of The Mitten] centers on a pair of standard white briefs and employs a setting similar to Sauer’s childhood home. Cull’s illustrations resemble a kooky comic strip, perfect for Sauer’s goofy humor. Sure to elicit laughter."

— Kirkus

“In a riotous picture book…the participants seem deeply satisfied by this unadulterated silliness—and readers should be, too.” — Publishers Weekly

A 2023 Scholastic WRAD Book Pick

2023-2024 Armadillo Reader’s Choice List

A 2024 Redbud Read-Aloud Masterlist Book

* Scholastic Reading Clubs Selection

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Mary Had A Little Plan

Fashion-forward Mary is known for adding flair everywhere she goes. When she spots an abandoned lot in her neighborhood, Mary knows she can use her stylish talent to spruce it up. Soon she’s rallying neighborhood shops and calling on her friends to help. With Mary leading the way, this group carries out her little plan that has a big impact on her community!

​(Union Square Kids)

illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Raves and Reviews:

“The rhyming text is organized in well-paced couplets that read effortlessly…this story is a glowing example of the magic that results when a thoughtful initiative receives support. Fun and inspiring. ”

— Kirkus

An Amazon September 2022 Editors' Pick: A Best Book Ages 3-5

2023 Winner of the Oklahoma Book Award

“Great Reads from Great Places” list for the 2023 National Book Festival of the Library of Congress

no bunnies here


Illustrated by Ross Burach 

No Bunnies Here!

From the author of Wordy Birdy and the illustrator of The Very Impatient Caterpillar comes a hilarious picture book about a super-sassy bunny who tries to save himself and his cotton-tailed pals from a wolf by conning him into thinking they are not   bunnies, despite the fact that a.) they are very clearly bunnies and b.) more and more (and more!) bunnies keep showing up. How many bunnies are in this book? A LOT!

Raves and Reviews:

"As humorous as the story is, it's made ultimately poignant with the age-old message to never judge a book by its cover lest one drive off an unlikely friend. Bun-dles of fun." — Kirkus

"A hilarious parable about the danger of making assumptions."

— Booklist

"With over-the-top narration and humorous, crayon-textured illustrations, Sauer and Burach provide a comic send-up to all that’s lovable about fluffy-tailed friends—one that ends fittingly with a basket of treats." — Publishers Weekly

“‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a timeless theme, explored in numerous titles, but Sauer’s latest outing proves a fresh and enjoyable take on the topic. Comical dialogue lends itself superbly for reading aloud at story time, expertly complemented by Burach’s humorously detailed and brightly colored spreads. VERDICT A sweet story with a hop-pily ever after.” — School Library Journal

Foreign rights: South Korea, Spain

A 2023 Redbud Read-Aloud Masterlist Book

2023-2024 Leaping Lizard List

* Scholastic Reading Clubs Selection



Illustrated by Stephanie Laberis 

Lovebird Lou

Lou is fond of the life he shares with his lovebird family and friends. But, when he travels to the other side of the island and sees the amazing abilities on display by different birds, Lou feels, well, ordinary. With his adoring parents cheering him on, Lou decides to spread his wings and see what else he can accomplish. This sweet, funny story celebrates individuality, self-discovery, and the joy of community.

Raves and Reviews:

“This entertaining picture book would be a wonderful read-aloud and discussion starter for early grade schoolers. The bright and colorful illustrations sparkle with humor, and many young readers will readily identify with Lou’s identity crisis. A funny but touching story about learning to accept who you are.” — Kirkus


”Sauer’s narrative unfolds with an appealing main character, well-paced action, and accessible humor. . . . Laberis creates expressive characters within vivid scenes that make good use of repeated shapes. A lively, colorful picture book.” — Booklist

2023 Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award

* Foreign rights: South Korea


One Sheep, Two Sheep

Rooster is trying to count sheep but keeps getting interrupted by all of the animals on the farm. They’re ruffling his feathers—and they don’t look the slightest bit sheepish! Featuring bright, commercial illustrations and text perfect for read-alouds, this book is sure to make young readers giggle as they help Rooster count up to ten. 

Raves and Reviews:

“Sauer’s bedtime barnyard book will work well for a nighttime read, with the caveat that Cummings’ silly cartoons will incite giggles here and there. The wide-eyed, smiling critters and the deadpan humor are a good pairing. A fine addition to the sleepy sheepy canon.” 

— Kirkus Reviews

​(Abrams Appleseed)

Illustrated by Troy Cummings 


​(Abrams Appleseed)

Illustrated by Troy Cummings 

Not Now, Cow

Rooster and his farm friends are ready for springtime play. But not Cow, who can’t seem to dress for the weather. She's decked out in a parka and mittens as the first flowers bloom, ski-pants and a wool hat as the summer sun beats down, and a bathing suit and flip-flops when snow starts to tumble. Readers will love shouting out the catchy refrain “Not NOW, Cow!” while learning all about the seasons! 

Raves and Reviews:

STARRED REVIEW: “Pure fun; readers and preschoolers will applaud both the silliness and practicalities presented.” — Kirkus Reviews

A 2022 Redbud Read-Aloud Masterlist Book

A Best Book for 1-year-olds

A 2022 Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award Nominee

A 2022 Texas 2X2 Reading List Selection

A 2022 Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award Nominee


2022 Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award


The Farm That

Mac Built

It’s showtime on Old Mac Donald’s Farm! The barnyard animals are putting on a play—a farm version of "The House That Jack Built"— but some surprise performers keep taking the stage and interrupting the production.

Raves and Reviews:

“Sauer’s cumulative mashup of 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' and 'The House That Jack Built' will delight audiences familiar with both. Urbanovic’s cartoon illustrations of (mostly) clothed animal performers elevate this nightmare production into a hilarious comedy of errors....No owls here, but this one is definitely a hoot." — Kirkus

“Lots of word repetition and animal sound effects, combined with Urbanovic's comically expressive cartoon illustrations, make this a rollicking read-aloud that will encourage young readers to join in on the silliness.” — School Library Journal 

* 2021 Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award

* 2021 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nominee

​(Clarion, 2020)

Illustrated by Jack Urbanovic

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