One Sheep, Two Sheep

Raves and Reviews:

Rooster is trying to count sheep but keeps getting interrupted by all of the animals on the farm. They’re ruffling his feathers—and they don’t look the slightest bit sheepish! Featuring bright, commercial illustrations and text perfect for read-alouds, this book is sure to make young readers giggle as they help Rooster count up to ten. 

​(Abrams Appleseed)

Illustrated by Troy Cummings 


Not Now Cow

Rooster and his farm friends are ready for springtime play. But not Cow, who can’t seem to dress for the weather. She's decked out in a parka and mittens as the first flowers bloom, ski-pants and a wool hat as the summer sun beats down, and a bathing suit and flip-flops when snow starts to tumble. Readers will love shouting out the catchy refrain “Not NOW, Cow!” while learning all about the seasons! 

Raves and Reviews:

STARRED REVIEW: “Pure fun; readers and preschoolers will applaud both the silliness and practicalities presented.” — Kirkus Reviews

​(Abrams Appleseed)

Illustrated by Troy Cummings 


The Farm That

Mac Built

It’s showtime on Old Mac Donald’s Farm! The barnyard animals are putting on a play—a farm version of "The House That Jack Built"— but some surprise performers keep taking the stage and interrupting the production.

Raves and Reviews:

“Sauer’s cumulative mashup of 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' and 'The House That Jack Built' will delight audiences familiar with both. Urbanovic’s cartoon illustrations of (mostly) clothed animal performers elevate this nightmare production into a hilarious comedy of errors....No owls here, but this one is definitely a hoot." — Kirkus

“Lots of word repetition and animal sound effects, combined with Urbanovic's comically expressive cartoon illustrations, make this a rollicking read-aloud that will encourage young readers to join in on the silliness.” — School Library Journal 

* 2021 Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award

​(Clarion, 2020)

Illustrated by Jack Urbanovic


​(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019)

Illustrated by Michael Slack

Nugget & Fang

Race Around the Reef

With sweet humor and simple math, Nugget and Fang race two tuna, a clown fish, and each other to see who will win the race on Reef Day. WIth a wheel to spin and pull tabs throughout the book, readers will find get to help the vegetarian Fang chomp on a seaweed snack, hide the clownfish in the sea anemone, toss the tuna in a spinning whirlpool of bubbles, and play a part in having Nugget and Fang finish the race strong. Readers will also discover how working together just might mean more than winning the race.

Raves and Reviews:

“"The illustrations are colorful, the characters appealing, and sliding and turning elements add a hands-on aspect kids will love."—Kirkus


Nugget & Fang

Go to School

When Fang the shark is invited by his friends to attend Mini Minnows Elementary, he thinks it's a great idea! But then his first day of school arrives . . . and suddenly, he's not so sure. He's not very good at reading or math. He doesn't exactly fit in with his classmates. And the teacher looks crabby! Can Fang's best friend, Nugget, and the other minnows turn things around and prove to him that school really is fang-tastic? 

Raves and Reviews:

“Readers will no doubt feel empathetic. Yes, Fang, you’ll be fine with your fishy friend by your side.”—Kirkus

“Sauer and Slack keep up the laughs, and the reassurance.”—New York Times Book Review

* A 2019 Best Children's Book to Calm Back-to-School Jitters

* 2020 Finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award

* A 2021 Redbud Read-Aloud Masterlist Book

​(Clarion, 2019)

Illustrated by Michael Slack


Wordy Birdy

Meets Mr. Cougarpants

Wordy Birdy and her pals are heading on a camping trip, and our favorite chatty bird is all ready for a big night under the stars. But the friends soon find themselves in hot water when the dastardly Mr. Cougarpants stalks their campsite. Can Wordy Birdy talk them all out of this pickle? Grab your pack, grill up a s'more, and find out! 

Raves and Reviews:

“Happily, Sauer once again breaks the fourth wall with these friends. ...everyone can share a laugh.”—Kirkus 


“A sequel to Wordy Birdy (2018), this picture book offers both comedy and drama as events unfold for this memorable bird and her pals. Sauer creates a story that’s fun for reading aloud to young children.”—Booklist

* A Read Brightly Best Book of February 2019

* Scholastic Reading Clubs Selection

* 2020 Children’s Choices Reading List

* A 2020-2021 Arkansas Diamond Primary Award Nominee

​(Doubleday, 2019)

Illustrated by Dave Mottram