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August 26: Rainbow Fleet, OKC, OK

September 9: Oklahoma Christian School, Edmond, OK

September 20: Crossings Christian School, OKC, OK

October 3: Timber Creek Elementary, Moore, OK

October 12: Fannin Elementary, Bryan, TX

October 13: Ross Elementary, Bryan, TX

October 14: Mitchell Elementary, Bryan, TX

October 24: Courthouse Road Elementary, Spotsylvania, VA

October 25: Brock Road Elementary, Spotsylvania, VA

October 26: Chancellor Elementary, Fredericksburg, VA

October 27: Spotsylvania Elementary, Spotsylvania, VA

November 10: Fairview Elementary, Fort Smith, AR

November 15: Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Duncan, OK

November 30: Hayes Elementary, OKC, OK

December 8: Blanchard Elementary, Blanchard, OK

January 13: Hilldale Elementary, OKC, OK

January 19: Washington Elementary, Norman, OK

January 24: Pauls Valley Elementary, Pauls Valley, OK

January 30: Canyon Creek Elementary, Richardson, TX

January 31: Bowie Elementary, Richardson, TX

February 6: Mt. Peak Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 7: McClatchey Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 8: Jean Coleman Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 9: Baxter Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 21: JR Irvin Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 22: JAV Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 23: Miller Elementary, Midlothian, TX

February 24: Longbranch Elementary, Midlothian, TX

March 2: Buchanan Elementary, OKC, OK

March 3: Tonkawa Elementary, Tonkawa, OK

March 7: St. Mark School, Plano, TX

March 8: Richard J. Lee Elementary, Dallas, TX

March 27: McWhorter Elementary, Mesquite, TX

March 28: Lawrence Elementary, Mesquite, TX

March 29: Norton Elementary, Allen, TX

March 29: Bolin Elementary, Allen, TX

April 5: Greenfield Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

April 6: Lake Pointe Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

April 7: Remington Point Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

April 12: Willow Creek Elementary, Saginaw, TX

April 13: Dozier Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

April 27: St. Mary's Episcopal School, Edmond, OK

May 2: Jenks Northwest, Jenks, OK

May 3: Jenks Northwest, Jenks, OK

May 5: Roosevelt Elementary, Norman, OK

May 23: Hughston Elementary, Plano, TX


“I have revised per your teaching and improved my writings (I believe) about 500%. And it’s not like those were the first workshops, books, teachers, or webinars I've utilized! I liked your presentations because they were:

  • Actionable

  • Concrete

  • Easy to understand — even though the content was substantive

  • Fun and lively 

  • Did I mention actionable? Seriously — THANK YOU for those worksheets, the exercises, and the specific tools you provided related to language and craft! 


And maybe most of all, your workshops seem to come from places of generosity, love, and joy.  


There is probably a terrific “how to” book to be made out of your presentations.”


Cynthia Miller, Austin, TX




“I wanted to tell you how much I super enjoyed your classes and energy. There was so much to be learned and you did an incredible job explaining in detail some of the dynamics that go into your writing. No wonder you have so many amazing books and are in such demand for school visits. 


Loved every minute of it.”


Tina Mollie Fisher, Austin, TX




September 10: Story Time and Book Signing at Full Circle Bookstore, OKC, OK (10:15AM)

September 17: Story Time and Book Signing at Best of Books, Edmond, OK (11:00AM)

September 25: Kansas Book Festival, Topeka, KS

November 5: Portland Book Festival, Portland, OR

November 18: Presentation and book signing at NCTE in Anaheim, CA

February 27: Virtual Visit for Nevada Reading Week

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