November 30: Lucy Wortham James Elementary, St. James, MO

December 3: Folsom Elementary, Prosper, TX

January 19: Powell Elementary, The Woodlands, TX

January 19: Ware Elementary, Fort Riley, KS

January 21: Madison Elementary, Norman, OK

February 22: Harper Elementary, Wilmette, IL

March 3: Dennis Ortwein Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

March 4: Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, Saratoga, CA

March 7: Sandy Searles Miller Academy, Las Vegas, NV

April 6: Childs Elementary, Bloomington, IN

May 4: Firgrove Elementary, Puyallup, WA

May 16: Fairgrieve Elementary, Fulton, NY


September 23: Freedom Elementary, Freedom, OK

October 20: Osage Hills Elementary, Bartlesville, OK

October 26: Warm World, OKC, OK

November 17: Frederickson Elementary, Frederickson, OK

December 2: Edison Elementary, Mangum, OK

January 28: Cashion Elementary, Cashion, OK

February 7: Augusta Public Schools, Augusta, KS

February 8: Augusta Public Schools, Augusta, KS

February 18: Rose Union Elementary, Edmond, OK

March 2: Tibbals Elementary, Murphy, TX

March 22: Hudson Public Schools, Hudson, OH

March 23: Hudson Public Schools, Hudson, OH

March 24: Hudson Public Schools, Hudson, OH

March 29: Jackson Elementary, Norman, OK

March 31: Farmingdale Elementary, Pleasant Plains, IL

April 4: Tinker Elementary, Oklahoma City, OK

April 11: Holland Hall, Tulsa, OK

April 13: Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center, Fort Worth, TX

April 14: Willie Brown Academy of Scholars, Mansfield, TX

April 19: John Rex Elementary, OKC, OK

April 21: South Lake Elementary, OKC, OK

April 27: Reagan Elementary, Norman, OK

May 6: Garfield Elementary, Enid, OK


“I have revised per your teaching and improved my writings (I believe) about 500%. And it’s not like those were the first workshops, books, teachers, or webinars I've utilized! I liked your presentations because they were:

  • Actionable

  • Concrete

  • Easy to understand — even though the content was substantive

  • Fun and lively 

  • Did I mention actionable? Seriously — THANK YOU for those worksheets, the exercises, and the specific tools you provided related to language and craft! 


And maybe most of all, your workshops seem to come from places of generosity, love, and joy.  


There is probably a terrific “how to” book to be made out of your presentations.”


Cynthia Miller, Austin, TX




“I wanted to tell you how much I super enjoyed your classes and energy. There was so much to be learned and you did an incredible job explaining in detail some of the dynamics that go into your writing. No wonder you have so many amazing books and are in such demand for school visits. 


Loved every minute of it.”


Tina Mollie Fisher, Austin, TX



​2021-2022 School Year Events


September 8: SCBWI Western Washington Webinar 

October 23: Story Time and Book Signing at Best of Books, Edmond, OK (11am) 

October 27-28: OKSTE Conference, OKC, OK 

November 13: The Writing Barn's Funny Women of Kidlit Confab Webinar 

February 2: Virtual Visits for World Read Aloud Day 

February 4: San Mateo County Library Virtual Visit 

February 12: Story Time and Book Signing at Best of Books, Edmond, OK (11am) 

February 17: Virtual School Visits in connection with Brazos Bookstore 

February 28: Virtual Visit for Nevada Reading Week 

April 23, 2022: SCBWI Oklahoma/Arkansas Spring Conference, OKC, OK

April 26, 2022: TLA Book Signing, Fort Worth, TX

May 21, 2022: Journey to Kidlit Webinar