Nugget & Fang Go to School  (Clarion)

“Readers will no doubt feel empathetic. Yes, Fang, you’ll be fine with your fishy friend by your side.”—Kirkus

A Little Chicken (Sterling)

“ . . . the effortless prose rises above, as it is concise, well-timed, and entertaining. A gently humorous take on conquering fear that’s also a fine read-aloud.”—Kirkus

Wordy Birdy Meets Mr. Cougarpants  (Doubleday)

“Happily, Sauer once again breaks the fourth wall with these friends. ...everyone can share a laugh.”—Kirkus 

Making A Friend  (HarperCollins)

”A sure recipe for making a friend…real or snow.”—Kirkus

Quiet Wyatt (Clarion)

”Finding humor in the juxtaposition of extremes, this picture book makes an amusing read-aloud choice.”—Kirkus


Knock Knock (Scholastic Press)

”An amusing and lively read that celebrates a venerable literary form.”—Kirkus


Go Fish! (HarperCollins)

“A fun summertime romp—hook, line, and sinker.”—Kirkus


But The Bear Came Back (Sterling)

“There is plenty of humor in the details of the colorful, fine-lined art, but this is largely a poignant story, one that could add a nice variety of flavor to storytime.”—Booklist


Wordy Birdy (Doubleday)

“Sauer’s fun-to-read text and Mottram’s detailed and hilarious illustrations seamlessly meld into a cohesive whole.”—SLJ




Nugget & Fang Race Around the Reef   (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

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Michael Slack

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Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast


Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast




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